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What is Schola?

Bienvenido a Schola
Welcome to an oasis of well thought-out, ready-to-take-to-the-bank information pertaining to the ins-and-outs of Latino marketing. Rest assured that what you read here is not random opinion but carefully researched A to Z understanding. Whatever sounds like bullshit, call it. Whatever remains confusing, e-reach out and request clarification.

Oh... Yeah... Schola is Latin for school. A place where you can learn the sine qua non of Latino marketing.

And just about now, if you've landed here because of a google search, you're probably grasping for something relevant and threaded that you can believe in. Perhaps you are the marketing director at a Fortune 500 company, perhaps a CEO of a regional company or local firm that has just been impacted by the reality of a future that will require courting a few of those 43 million plus Latino consumers. Whatever your reason for landing here, know that this can become your tried-and-tested hub for understanding the Latino market, marketing, advertising and persuasion. Bookmark this website as it will build up with extremely potent and leverageable content.

I have recently tried my curriculum for Latino Marketing at two different types of learning institutions. I taught graduate and undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin and at The Wizard Academy in Buda. Both were resounding successes in the words of my students. And my first crop of power Latino marketers are out in the field working and wielding their practical understanding of Culture-View. At both of these events, I taught in tandem with Paul Goya. For a consultation or an on-site training seminar at your company or organization, contact Jesús Ramírez at 210 602 8884. I handle select marketing projects only when the context is right and I have an interest in the category.

The Olé Degree
A great place to start while we inject this site with rich Latino consumer insight is by familiarizing yourself with The Olé Degree: The Blind-side of Marketing. The book is available on Amazon.com and bn.com. The audiobook is available at audible.com. Just as "Who moved my cheese?" used the metaphor of cheese to explain change, The Olé Degree uses a similar approach to give the reader a first-hand, emotional sense of the inevitable emerging markets that stand to make or break today's top marketing executives and business leaders. It's fiction, but not really. Read it at your own risk! Decide at what degree of proficiency you have arrived. Beware though... This is the most dangerous marketing book you may ever read.

The BS Meter

Ever since the advertising establishment made up the NOVA story about the car that wouldn't go, there has been so much more BS in the world of Latino marketing. Just to set the record straight, the NOVA story is an urban legend. It never happened. Heck, it's even a brand of gasoline in Mexico. Why would a Latin American country make a mistake like this if NOVA is ultimately a Latin word meaning a "new star"? Regardless, this famous story, after constant repitition, became a fact and today, similar stories have brought shame and fear to the marketplace. If this is concern for you. If you feel vulnerable as a marketer or company owner to shady sales pitches, let us offer our noses.

A Virtual Olfactory Factory
If we smell it, we call it. Regardless of consequences. When we are commissioned to test a business plan, marketing campaign or advertising message targeted to a Latino audience for its sound consumer insight, business proposition and proper BrandFraming, we divert disasters, protect our clients and save thousands, if not millions, from misguided spending. And we can provide the adjustments necessary to safely redirect the core message and strategy. How do you sift through all the BS? Want us to have a sniff at your plans to seduce the Latino market? Let's arrange a meeting and upon reaching an agreement, we'll tell you how on-target or completely off-base you are. And we'll do it in the nicest possible way.

What is this Worth?
This could save you millions of dollars in media expenditures, lost revenues and lost opportunities. Usually, this process can be handled relatively quickly, raising pink and red flags when necessary. Yes, we can be an advertising agency's worst nightmare or their most valued ally depending on their expertise and respect for the Latino customer and the principles of persuasion. Regardless of the case, we provide one of the most valuable benefits in this unchartered Latino Marketplace because we know where the hidden paths to persuasion lie. Contact us at BS@latinomarketing.org if you want to find out more about this service

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